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Strength In Tough Smartphones

Smartphones are, by nature, fragile and easily breakable. This is concerning when they are probably one of the most valuable objects we carry around with us and are using from minute to minute throughout the day. How do we bring strength to these inherently fragile belongings? Rugged Phones are the answer.

Most people take a great deal of care when choosing their smartphone. Its an expensive purchase, likely to be matched with an ongoing expensive contract it makes sense to choose wisely. As we consider our options, we tend to think in terms of what we need most from our phone. Is internet-access most important? Is camera quality a priority? Is ease of typing essential? We each have our own set of requirements and our own set of needs to fulfil.

What few of us consider at this stage is how to protect the very functionality we are buying. This is where we need to turn things on its head. We need to consider the strength of our chosen phone from the beginning. We need to ensure weve given it due consideration from the outset. What data will be vulnerable and to what conditions. How could a different phone meet your functional requirements whilst also ensuring it protects itself against the lifestyle you lead?

Rugged phones bring you versatility and excellent up-to-date smartphone technology with the additional protection of a casing designed to cope not only in extreme conditions but in everyday conditions too. A tough and durable phone will have been designed with practicality in mind whilst remaining uncompromising to what we all expect from a top of the range smartphone.

These phones have been designed specifically to withstand harsh work and lifestyle environments. They have been designed with labourers, builders, gardeners, hikers, surfers, plasterers, scaffolders and cyclists in mind, but we can all benefit from their rugged design.

The range of options available when choosing a rugged phone is huge, and add to the dilemma as to which phone is best for you. Dont let this put you off. Work out your list of priorities and take it from there. Rugged phones helpfully come with something called an IP rating. This is a scoring system that determines a phones Ingress Protection. By understanding the IP rating you can determine how suitable the phone is for you and your needs in terms of dust and water.

Then you can look at the likelihood of your phone sustaining bumps and bangs and whether these are more than a regular smartphone could reasonably withstand. If so, perhaps if you work at height, or in a challenging construction environment, then you need to think about the phones casing, and the screen protection.

When you search for tough phones, good web-shops will detail the different strengths of different rugged phones. They will help you narrow down the choices, focussing in on what you really need from a phone. They will explain the terminology in a jargon-free way that enables you to make a seemingly complicated choice with relative ease. They will help you weigh up different options according to whether they are shatter-proof or water-proof or dust-proof. They will help you marry your budget to what you need from your phone on a network of your choice. The options are out there, and it makes sense to consider them at the outset, before known issues of your lifestyle become a real financial and logistical problem for your phone and ease of communication.

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Do You Really Can Get The Windows 8 Product Key For Free?

What is Windows 8 product key?

The Windows product key is also called serial number or serial keys. Different editions and versions of Windows used different set of product key. Hence, if you purchase a Windows 8 serial number it cannot be use when you upgrade to Windows 10. The Windows 8 product key is a serial of 25-character code that you must use when installing and activating the Windows. If you purchase the Windows that come with DVD, the key is inside the box that came in, or it will email to you if you purchase the software online. Please note that the Windows 8 pro serial key is not same with the Windows 8 enterprise keys or any other editions of Windows. Also, product key for Windows 8 and 8.1 was different.

Why we need the Windows 8 product key?

You may hear that there are free Windows 8 product keys on the Internet, do you believe it? Well, I believe most of the keys were invalid or not genuine. This is because the product key only can be obtains by purchasing a legit copy of Windows operating system.

The Windows 8 product key will be use for:

- Installing the Windows 8

- Activating the Windows 8

You need to use the serial key when installing Windows. After installation, you also need the serial number to activate Windows. The activation helps verify that you are using a genuine copy of Windows and its not installed on more than one PC. After Windows was activated, you can enjoy all the great features of Windows 8.

How to get the Windows 8 product key?

The only way to get a genuine copy of Windows 8 or windows 8.1 is to purchase the Windows license from local or online stores (including Microsoft site). If you purchase it online, you will get a purchase confirmation email from Microsoft at the time of purchase. You must keep the keys at a safe place as you need it to install or even reinstalling Windows in the future.

Even if you purchase a PC or laptop with pre-installed Windows 8, you still can get the key from the store that you get the PC. If you purchased the computer for some time and forgot the get the key, you need to use product key finding utility to get the serial number. You also may notice that there is Windows 8 product key generator in the market. You can find in online and test to see the usefulness of the tool.

Getting your Windows 8 installed and activated (Alternative method)

Beside the above method, you may know that in the market there is tool called Windows 8 activator that you can use to activate Windows. To use the activator, you must install the Windows 8 first and apply the activation later. You can download Windows 8 for free, install it and use the activator to activate the Windows 8 or 8.1.

I found a site provide a helpful info on how to download and activate Windows 8/8.1, please visit

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Micro 4 3 Digital Camera

It Is a great time to be both a professional and amateur photographer. With the digital age has come a method of photography that is faster and easier to use than the film cameras of the past. Yes, there is no doubt that film has a beautiful aesthetic but the digital darkroom is quick and easy. Today's would be photographer is presented with a large selection of cameras to choose from. Most professionals opt for expensive full frame cameras while amateurs will find highly quality APS-C and micro 4 3 cameras as both fitting their wallet and providing high quality images.

So what is a micro 4 3 camera? Well, when it comes to photography a cameras sensor size often determines the amount of detail that a camera will be able to capture. a 4 3 camera has a sensor that is about 3/4 the size of a full frame digital or 35mm film negative. The 4 3 platform is very popular and serves many photographers well. A lot of photographers like them for nature photography and they enjoy them because of their smaller size. You can not go wrong with a 4 3 camera.

Another reason why 4 3 cameras are so popular is because you can often take high quality film camera lenses and use them on the camera. This gives a better look because a lot of the quality that comes from a camera is its lens. This also allows you to use high quality and fast prime lenses instead of the typical zooms that come with 4 3 cameras. So you can get a lot of use out of these 4 3 cameras and improve their camera by using inexpensive film prime lenses extending their range and the quality of images that they take.

As you can see, a micro 4 3 camera is a very good option for people who want to get serious about photography. It is a great way to level up, get better images but while also having a small kit. They are cameras that are able to make very good images, that are not too expensive, that have a variety of lens choices, that allow you to start controlling exposure more and getting more out of your photography. They make great wildlife and vacation cameras. If this sounds good to you, which it should, then consider purchasing a 4 3 camera.

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The Best Streaming Video Recorder That Works

Watching videos is fun, especially when you can get it for free. If you want to watch the latest movies but you dont want to spend lots of money, a streaming video recorder can be your best option. It is a program that allows you to download videos from various websites and then convert it into any popular file format for videos. These websites may include Youtube, Google Video, PBS, Yahoo Video, ESPN, Blog TV and Adobe TV.

The easiest and most powerful type of streaming video downloader is the WM Recorder 16. With it, you can easily record different audio and video files from any of your favorite sites. You just have to open the recorder, play the audio or video and it will be saved automatically. It is surely the best streaming video recorder that you can find out there because of its convenient use. This particular recorder is only available for PCs that are using Windows operating system. If you want to know how to use this program effortlessly, you first need to know its features and functions.

Why WM Recorder is An Outstanding Recorder?

WM recorder is considered as the best streaming video downloader because it can download almost everything. All well-known streaming formats can be supported by the software including:

- Windows media (RTSP, MMS and HTTP)

- Flash video (RTMP and HTTP)

- Real video and Real audio (RTSP and HTTP)

- Windows media DRM (will play according to the restrictions of DRM)


- Streaming mp3 (shoutcast)

- QuickTime

The program has the highest possible quality for recording. Since it records the very identical data sent to the PC, recordings will be saved as seamless copies of the recorded stream. The outcomes of the media files saved in your PC will be on the highest quality possible.

You may then listen or watch the media anytime at your own convenience, even without being connected to the internet. The program also includes a powerful application of WM converter. With its use, you can conveniently convert the downloaded file into any file format you want. With the embedded converter, you also can merge and split the recordings.

On top of that, you also can enjoy the well-known movie sharing and TV sites and you can preview, rewind and pause live streams during the recording. It latest version is even better for recording from more sites.

Of course there are many other video recorders that offer great features and you can use those recorders too. However, I strongly recommend you to read the complete review of the software and go to the official site and download to freely trial the software and see for yourself. After you test the software, you will know how far the software can go in helping you in your daily jobs. If you are satisfied, then you can consider getting the software. Reading reviews or comments from other users can help you a lot in making a decision whether to buy the software or not.

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Here Is How I Use My Fourflexx Ipad Holder In Bed

This life gives us a few good things and the FourFlexx iPad holder is one of them. I have had a great experience with this holder, which I had initially dismissed for its rudimentary looks and design. Today, however, I am just full of praise for it. It is one of the best iPad floor stands in the market, and it will give you more than enough value for your money.

Over the time that I have been using mine, in bed, yes, in bed, I can assure any interested person that this is a good investment for people who like to relax on the couch or the bed after a hard day at the office.

It is a standalone tablet holder, meaning that you can keep it at some distance from the bed and thus ensure that the bed movements as you turn do not pose any risk of knocking it down. Another plus is that you can adjust it to different heights, thus making sure that you do not crane your neck. It is a very comfortable holder. In addition, for many times, I have placed it on the bedside table to allow me to watch my favorite movies when I am sleeping on my back. It sure gives a very comfortable feeling.

In my family, we do not all use one iPad. My son has a Samsung Galaxy tablet and we were so delighted to find that this tablet stand can hold even that. Thus, when I am not using it, I let him use it in his room. The way things look; I might have to buy another one soon since this one is not enough for all of us.

You can be fooled into thinking that if you touch it with a little more force the iPad will topple over. That is not right. I was surprised to find that this holder grips the iPad tightly, yet gently, you know the way that a gentle giant would shake hands with a kid. Well, research shows that tens of thousands of the iPad users in the US alone use their devices when they are lying down on their bed. I can unashamedly admit that I am one of those. What the statistics donĂ¢t tell us is how many people have bought the Fourflexx tablet holder. However, since it is only available for a short time and then it goes out of stock, we can assume that it goes as soon as it hits the shelves.

Would I buy this tablet holder again? Of course, and without hesitation too! And you had better buy it too if you aim to avoid those nasty muscle aches from holding your device for too long.

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